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"When you are naturally authentic and gracious, as you relate with others, the opportunities of your life become unlimited … simply because of the uniqueness of who you are"
- Brooksy
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Invitation To Who You Are
Graduating of Who You Are
Changing Reality is Who You Are

Who I Am is a guided inner journey that profoundly opens you to the magnificence of your divine essence. The energetic precision and serene power of the combined narrative and music is beyond unique in its graciousness and compassion.

As you listen to Who I Am, you will experience, through your feelings, that you are beautiful, sacred, magical, and unlimited in your creative authority. As a result, your entitlement to abundance, intimacy, well-being and success will naturally integrate into your life.

Who I Am is a first-time collaboration between spiritual teacher Brooksy Greene-Barton and composer Jonathan Beaudette. Their alchemy has created an evolutionary leap in “conscious media” that offers you a gentle, organic experience of Who You Are.

"...A superior guide to betterment..."

"This reviewer was overwhelmed...I have not ever heard, and this is after almost 14 years, anything
as powerful and yet as soft. I believe that if the leaders of the world listened to and absorbed the messages of Who I Am, our world would be safer, calmer and happier. I have, and you will, find a path to true enlightenment! You will hear wisdom and innovation spoken with a gentle voice, yet with the depth of the ages, [and the music is ] in beautiful harmony with the message, and elegantly performed."

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor, Metaphysical Review

Jonathan Beaudette
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